2nd Neurological Mission 2010

27 April - 01 May

The team evaluated a total of 350 patients and performed 36 EEGs for diagnostic purposes to determine appropriate management.
Medications were available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy, supplied by the Ministry of Health of Ecuador.
An abstract was presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, San Antonio, Texas, US.

Team of Volunteers

  • Patricio Sebastián Espinosa, MD, MPH, North Oaks Neurology, LA
  • Blanca Vásquez, MD-NYU
  • Robert Baumann, MD-Univ. Kentucky
  • Barbara Dworotzky, MD-BWH
  • Esteban Ortiz, MD-Ecuador
  • Andres Salom, EEG Tech- BWH
  • Judy Baumann, logistics- USA
  • Dr. Ines Fernandez- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Mauricio Villamar, MD, Rural Physician, Hospital José María Velasco Ibarra, Tena-Ecuador
  • Oscar Pacheco, Medical Student -Ecuador
  • Nicole Falcone -Pedihabilidad –Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Alexandra Cadena -Pedihabilidad –Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Viviana Briones-Registration- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Hospital Residents
  • Hospital Nurses-Tena, Ecuador
  • Vanessa Viteri, MD, Rural Physician, Hospital José María Velasco Ibarra, Tena-Ecuador​