3rd Neurological Mission 2011

25 April - 29 April                                                        

The team evaluated a total of  253 patients with Neurological complaints, most of the patients were from urban and rural areas of the Napo Province, of the total  number of patients evaluated, 102 had epilepsy, 61% were children. A total of 54 EEGs were performed, 26 were normal, 17 had generalized epileptiform discharges, and 11 had focal epileptiform discharges. Medications were available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy, supplied by the Ministry of Health of Ecuador.

Team of Volunteers

  • Patricio Sebastian Espinosa, MD, MPH-North Oaks Neurology, LA
  • Stephen Ryan, MD-Univ. Kentucky 
  • David Masel, MD- North Oaks , LA
  • Dr. Ines Fernandez- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Ikuko Laccheo,MD, Neurology Resident-USA
  • Alex Paciorkowski, MD-Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Hailly Butler , Research Assistant-Seattle Children’s Hospital 
  • Yaira Garzon, MD MSHS, CCRC, Logistics
  • Esteban Ortiz, MD-Ecuador
  • Angel Bayas, MD, USA
  • Erica Cardenas, Nurse-USA
  • Kathleen  Principe, EEG Tech -Hydrodot - Rotary Club
  • Kimberly George, EEG Assistant - Hydrodot- Rotary Club
  • Heather Deutsch, Logistics, USA
  • Katherine Masel, Kids room 
  • Yaira Espinosa, Kids Room
  • Sebastian Espinosa, Kids room 
  • Nicole Falcone -Pedihabilidad –Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador