7th Neurological Mission 2015

What Happened during the mission

27 July - 31 July

We evaluated a total of 162 patients with neurological complaints. Most of the patients were from urban and rural areas of the Napo Province. A total of 30 EEGs were performed. Medications are available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy.

In the last 8 years we have evaluated and treated over 2024 patients and performed  over 388 EEGs. The opportunity to share your knowledge with Ecuadorian colleagues and patients.

Team of Volunteers 

  • Dr. Patricio Sebastian Espinosa, Marcus Neuroscience Institute, FL
  • Dr. Kevin Shapiro-USF-CA
  • Dra. Elisa Jacome-Ecuador
  • Andres Salom, EEG Tech, BWH
  • Patricia Francis , EEG Assistant, Boston-USA
  • Dr. Oscar Pacheco-Ecuador
  • Dr. Ines Fernandez- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Dr. Yaira Garzon, USA
  • Yaira Espinosa-Elementary sudent-USA
  • ​Sarah Barnard-Research Coordinador-USA
  • Mariana de Garzon-Ecuador
  • Melanie Molina, College student-Ecuador
  • Viviana Briones-Registration- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
  • Dr. Mayra Chancusig-Tena
  • Dr. Alex Melendez-Tena
  • Dr. Jessy Tenemasa-Tena
  • Dr. Jose LLamuca-Director HJMVI
  • Dr. Ivan Ocampo-Tena
  • Dr.Nestor Arias-Tena
  • Romina Rueda-Tena
  • Dr. Daniel Arias-Tena
  • Dr. Carolina Duran-Tena
  • Dr.Naty Feican-Tena
  • Hospital Nurses-Tena, Ecuador