11th Neurology Mission 2019

What Happened during the mission?

28 July - 02 August

We evaluated a total of 234 patients with neurological complaints. Most of the patients were from urban and rural areas of the Napo Province. A total of 26 EEGs were performed. Medications are available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy. 

Team of Volunteers

Patricio Sebastian Espinosa, MD, MPH, Marcus Neuroscience Institute, Boca Raton, FL

Kevin Shapiro, MD,MPH, University of California, San FranciscoAlex R. Paciorkowski, MD, FACMG, University of Rochester , Rochester, NY

Kristen McCartney, MD, Neurology Resident (PGY3) , University of Rochester Medical Center

Elisa Jacome, MD, Internal Medicine Resident , Hospital Enrique Garces, PGY3

Angel Bayas, MD Manager of Clinical Documentation Improvement ProgramCoast Plaza Hospital Anaheim, CA

Yaira Garzon, MD,MSHS, CCRC, ECommunity Research. Boca Raton, FL

Andres Salom, EEG Tech, San Francisco

Nicolas Andrade, Pre-Med Student, Webster University, St Louis, MS

Miguel Castanel, Certified Translator

Gema Bayas, University of California, Riverside, Biology Student 2nd year.​

Gerardo Bayas, Elementary King School Student ,Anaheim, CA

Yaira Espinosa, North Broward Prep High Scholl Student, Boca Raton, FL (9th grade)

Oscar Barreto, Liceo La Condamine, High School Student , Quito-Ecuador (12th Grade)

Mariana de Garzon

Lorena Garzon ,Elementary Teacher, Sidney, Australia

Sophia Frean

Dr. Nestor Arias, Tena-Ecuador

Dra. Maria Ines Fernandez, Tena-Ecuador

Dra. Erika Barahona, Pediatria,Tena-Ecuador

Dr. Daniel Arias, Tena-Ecuador

Dra. Gabriela Arteaga, Directora Adminstrativa Hospital Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra

Kattia Garcia, Hospital Tena.

Hospital Nurses, Tena-Ecuador