10th Neurology Mission 2018

July 23, 2018

July 27, 2018

What happend during the mission?

We evaluated a total of 233 patients with neurological complaints. Most of the patients were from urban and rural areas of the Napo Province. A total of 43 EEGs were performed. Medications are available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy. This year marked the 10th Anniversary in which 2,528 visits have been completed and 464 Electroencephalograms performed with the help of more than 500 volunteers.

Team of Volunteers

Dr. Patricio Sebastian Espinosa
Dr. Alex R. Paciorkowski
Sarah Barnard
Yaira Espinosa
Dr. Luis Rueda
Sophia Frean
Dra. Erika Barahona
Dra. Fernanda Landazuri
Dr. Kevin Shapiro
Dr. Melissa Tsuboyama
Dr. Yaira Garzon
Nicolas Andrade
Mariana de Garzon
Dra. Maria Ines Fernandez
Dr. Daniel Arias
Dr. Esteban Ortiz
Dr. Maria Amelia Calderon
Dr. Nestor Arias
Meredith King
Lorena Garzon
Miguel Castaniel
Dra. Gabriela Arteaga

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