1st Neurological Mission 2009

March 29, 2009

April 2, 2022

What happend during the mission?

The team evaluated a total of 475 patients (including 165 cases of epilepsy) and performed 125 EEGs for diagnostic purposes to determine appropriate management. Team members also consulted on several neurological emergencies in the emergency room (meningitis, stroke, post-neurosurgical altered mental status). Local internists and pediatricians attended and assisted in consultations. All patients were provided follow-up appointments with local medical staff, with which Dr. Espinosa and colleagues will continue to consult via email and teleconferencing on patients seen in follow-up as well as new patients with neurological issues. Medications are available continuously free of charge in the local hospital pharmacy, supplied by the Ministry of Health of Ecuador. Educational workshops were provided for the physicians of Hospital José Maria Velasco of Tena regarding epilepsy diagnosis and management (Dr. PatricioSebastian Espinosa) and traumatic brain injury (Dr. Karin Swartz). Dr. Blanca Vazquez (NYU) provided additional educational workshops for local police, firefighters, teachers, educators, psychologists, and nurses on the recognition of and first response to seizures.

Team of Volunteers

Patricio Sebastián Espinosa, MD, MPH, North Oaks Neurology , LA
Dominic Fee, MD- Univ. Kentucky
Dr. Ines Fernandez- Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador
Kathleen Principe, EEG Tech -Hydrodot - Rotary Club
Aaron Lee Berkowitz JHU/Harvard - Mission Coordinator
Emily Vance
Hospital Nurses-Tena, Ecuador
Sydney Cash, MD-MGH - Harvard
Karin Swartz, MD-Univ. Kentucky
Christopher Shanahan, MD- Boston University
Bill Principe, EEG Assistant - Hydrodot- Rotary Club
Students from Universidad Cristiana Latinoamericana – Oscar Pacheco President
Natalie Delyon
Blanca Vásquez, MD -NYU
Ann Kao, MD- MGH – Harvard
Denise Dvorquez , MD-Ecuador
Melissa Murphy, EEG Tech- BWH
Nicole Falcone (Pedihabilidad –Hospital Velasco Ibarra Tena Ecuador)
Hospital Residents

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